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menu INR 200 INR 200 Punjabi food served in Rajdhani Punjabi Restaurant is wholesome and full of flavor. Most menu items are made according to the season. The universal favorite is chole with kulcha which is a year-round item. The pride of Rajdhani Punjabi Restaurant cuisine is sarson-ka-saag (curry made out of mustard leaves) served with blobs of butter accompanied by Makke-di-Roti and Lassi (churned yogurt). The simple vegetarian meal served could be paratha of different kinds depending on the type of vegetable stuffing one wishes to have – the Aloo Parathas (Potato parathas) which are mashed potatoes stuffed between flat bread made out of kneaded atta (wheat flour) is the most popular. Parathas, with cooked mashed and spiced vegetables as stuffing such as Gobi (Cauliflower) are also popular for breakfast with yoghurt or curds or tea. Vegetarian meal – for lunch or dinner – consists of Chana Masala, Kadai Veg, Sarson Ka Saag, Palak Paneer, Pyaz Karela, Rajma (kidney beans) or Kadhi Pakora(curd curry). Paneer (cottage cheese) dishes are a must in a Rajdhani vegetarian menu. Several delectable items are made out of the Paneer, the bland derivative of milk, innovatively cooked as the Kadai Paneer and Paneer Makhanwala. It is cooked with every kind of vegetable; the popular dishes of such variety are Palak Paneer (pureed creamed spinach with homemade cheese cubes), Saag Paneer , Mutter Paneer, etc. Naan, Paratha (fried bread layered with cooked, mashed and spiced vegetables, fried on pan), and rotis made of maize flour (Makki-di-Roti), Chapattis are typical Punjabi breads. Methi Paratha and Lasooni (Garlic) Nan are also popular. The dessert includes various types of Kulfi, lassi, jalebi, gulab jamun and the special Badam Pista Lassi True 1441283952
kadhi chawal INR 270 INR 270 Kadhi Pakoda + Jeera Rice + Papad + Rasgulla True 1441285542
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